a space for personal growth

I love to accompany persons through a change and growth process when they are in difficulty, or just when they want to get closer to themselves.
Beyond the professional coaching and into getting a deeper understanding of yourself.
Understand how you could live more from a stable serene centre.
How you can just do more of what you like, live your ideal version of yourself.
How you could move beyond recurrent blockages, whether they are relational or just you with you.

Have a look at https://www.dichterbij.me/ which is my website for my therapy practice.

Who do I accompany ?
It can range from career coaching, helping people make the right professional choices to much more in depth processes to allow you to grow into who you fully would like to be. When you would like to deeply understand who you really are deep down, what brings you an inner pleasure and motivation, what goes against this and how you could let yourself flow more freely. Both with more serenity ànd with more and deeper pleasure. As I have lived through some important life changing experiences myself and understand the growth and healing process intimately, I accompany up to complex developmental trauma, attachment issues, HSP, Asperger, narcism. Away from the labels of diseases on your way to living a fuller life with more resilience.


What is my background, what are the tools I use ?

My inspiration sources and tools are a cognitive behavioural approach of the third wave (INC, Jacques Fradin), based on the latest developments in neuropsychology in the first instance. We uncover first together where your basic sources of pleasure and stability lie, and what hampers you sometimes to do more of that. We peel off the layers to make you navigate irritators more freely, negotiate behaviours that have become taboo and uncover together from that basis potentially more visceral reactions. On top of that I use body-based trauma work, using amongst others constellations of inner selves based on the school of Franz Ruppert and an approach based on the work of Peter Levine. To stabilise and find rest, we will work various meditation techniques and observer skills, also using photography together if you so wish to be able to develop a more global awareness and consciousness.

How does it work ?


This type of personal work, can be compared to the shape of an hourglass, and implies in general a longer accompaniment than classical professional coaching as it touches deeper ingrained reflexes.

Opening and stabilising your observer to provide safety and create trust. Before we go into the deeper questions and potentially more difficult life stories, it is absolutely adamant to feel utterly safe and stable. There are no expectations, no judgements, you are fine as it is already and all your current reflexes and behaviour have had a very useful function. We discover how these are resources and talents and connect you to what gives you deep pleasure, rest and energy. We develop awareness of the more blocking reflexes after that and uncover those sensations, triggers, thoughts that seem to be bigger than needed, trigger you almost guaranteed and lead to more disproportionate emotions.

When you are ready and prepared for it, we pass through the throttle of the hourglass together to integrate what needs to be integrated, give you newly acquired freedoms after behavioural exercises and/or constellation work.

To open up the hourglass again towards its stable bottom, we anchor new behaviours, a newly gained stability back into your daily life and open up to new opportunities. What new circles will you look up, what new options does this open, how do you anchor the transition and growth process in your daily reality ?

Of course, this is an iterative process, not merely linear, spiralling ever deeper into your growth and deeper inner coherence as you are ready for it.

Sessions are per 1,5h and are held in Nederlands, Français or English as I am fluently tri-lingual. Sessions take place at my coaching space in Leuven or in Brussels at INC.
I do systemic work and can see you alone, or together with your partner and/or children. Watch the workshops calendar to find out about group constellation sessions.


Curious to know more?

To learn about the thinking frames that inspire me and could help you grow and make sense of things, I would invite you to read the texts in the thinking frame tab.

Get in touch via the form below or just via katrien.barrat@c-change.be or 0495 557 147 if this triggers your interest and curiosity

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