I am a senior executive coach and change facilitator.

I love to work with people, make them grow. I love how people make up systems and how systems can be changed as soon as one person starts to grow. I love hosting the collective intelligence of a group and getting to meaningful and impactful change. I love to facilitate learning systems and inspiring leaders.

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Executive coaching

Having worked in corporate contexts at director level myself I accompany senior executives, leaders, in their typical professional questions, whether they start a new position or program, on the job or preparing a transition. I myself am inspired by agility, participative leadership and a systemic approach based on latest insights in neurosciences. What makes being a true leader gaining respect from his teams and giving them real autonomy difficult, how to fundamentally trust them and yourself ? What makes it difficult and lonely sometimes ? Based on my experience as a leader myself and as a coach I will listen to your need and give you the adapted thinking frames and tools required in your given context. We form a contract whereby we meet frequently and you can contact me whenever you want, for functioning as a mirror for your professional questions or even when life gets in the way.

Teams facilitation

I accompanying teams to an increased performance by facilitating aligned autonomy. I facilitate teams through transformation by stimulating autonomy and collaboration thanks to a common shared purpose, trust and simple working agreements like an agile way of working to make things effectively happen. And lastly, based on design thinking, creating a culture of continuous innovation and continuous improvement. Leadership not as a function but as skill to be lived by anyone.

Organisation design

Very often working with teams that become more autonomous, we uncover process and organisation design impediments. Co-designing the optimised processes and an organisation model whereby decision power and responsibility are aligned, whereby leadership in its full meaning can be present at all levels, makes the transformation sustainable in the long run.

Societal systems change

What I would like to do more often even, is facilitating large societal systemic change. Hosting meaningful conversations about climate change, migration, generation gaps, the future of work, gender issues, the role of leadership, a changing financial model, moving towards a teal society, … With a background in the newest change theories and having accompanied very diverse stakeholder groups to come to a common accord on very difficult topics thanks to participative tools like deep democracy and transformative scenario planning, playing an active role in international societal change facilitation is an active aspiration. Leadership at a more global scale, having a wider and sustainable impact.

Do not hesitate to get in touch to understand the projects and companies I have worked with, and see whether I can answer some of your questions.