Katrien Barrat

Change, growth and learning and teaching has been a red line throughout my life.

Professional change, going back to university twice to re-orient to what lies closer to my heart and my personal growth at the moment. But through all that, accompanying moments of transition and accompanying people to make their next step has always been what keeps me passionate. From being there and making it happen when we launched the first GSMs, SMS, mobile internet, to changing business models in food, mobility and energy, to reduce our impact on the climate, having two start-ups and accompanying young entrepreneurs, to coaching deep transformation processes both in a corporate context as with individuals just looking to integrate who they are and fully live who they are.

Personal change, 3 wonderful children who I am very proud of, tend to be mirrors and help you grow. I went through the motions of healing from developmental complex trauma, learning to integrate alienated selves, coming ever closer by what my core is, what is important to me. Understanding and integrating what narcissist personalities can do to the development of one’s identity. My second son changing gender, or as he would say it, finally being who he is at heart, I have lived the process of change intimately. Change also at the level of food, becoming vegan and gluten-free, understanding how nutrition supports not only physical but also mental well-being. Dabbling with autism spectrum disorders to learning to see it as a development process rather than a defect, with some very nice upsides to it. This combined life experience gives me the inside experience to accompany and coach people through deep transitions. A profound belief that we can change, grow and realise what we long for at that moment. And finally, become more free to let ourselves flow as we are at our core.

What kept me going through all that change as well, is an inner stability and core, helped by meditation, photography, reading-learning and developing thinking frames of what went on to gradually make sense of it and integrate it into a full personality and identity.